One of the keys to success on VIDEO EDITING is being efficient So


One of the keys to success on VIDEO EDITING is being efficient. So you can

screenshot of bin folder structure in Premiere Pro, which when setup properly, saves you

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

screenshot of premiere pro's RAM settings, which can help speed up you video editing efficiency

This is the most sophisticated video editing software you'll get for free.

One of TED's video editors, Kari Mulholland, hard at work. Below, her

When ...

Sony Vegas Pro is on the pricier side for sure, but you get the pro-editor features like motion tracking, HDR support, 360 footage support, video ...

There are also some free video apps on the Windows Store, including Movie Moments, PowerDirector Mobile, Movie Maker, and Magix Movie Edit Touch.

What Are The Best Laptops For Video Editing? 2019 Edition

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VSDC today launched for Adobe Premiere Pro, an extension that will enable video editors to use the video collaboration tool inside the ...

12 Tips On How To Work From Home As A Freelance Video Editor

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screenshot of files being batch processed to save the video editor time

iMovie is a quick and easy way to edit videos for beginners.

We've all heard stories of brides who lose their cool when planning their weddings. Thanks to TV reality shows, they now even have a name for them: ...

6 Steps For Successful Corporate Training Video Production

screenshot of a color curve preset which can save you time when video editing

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

The stock "Clock" app on the iPhone has a stopwatch that is a simple solution to tracking time.

DaVinci Resolve offers full editing, but most of my editor friends that use this program don't necessarily do their cutting in here.

This Mac and PC-friendly software is free and quite robust. It supports a wide range of video formats, allows you to make proxies, which let you edit huge ...

Far from a slick post-house setup, but very affordable and comfortable for long days of editing. In the end, the client doesn't care about how nice your ...

Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere

8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing [TRENDS]

screenshot of audio waveform in Premiere Pro with edit point markers to save time Markers are one of the most beneficial video editing ...

In fact, your progress may be determined solely by the technology that you are using. When it comes to graphics and pictures, a laptop that cuts your time ...

video camera lens close up

4K Video Editing Computer Building Guide

Premiere Pro


If money is no object, buy the top of the line. It will be blindingly fast, it will work great and you'll have enormous bragging rights.

How to Start and Maintain a Successful YouTube Career

When it comes to shopping for 4K video editing computer, the CPU is still one of the most important parts. Since most of the video editing software nowadays ...

Corporate Video in 2019: The Definitive Guide

OWC drives stacked up on my desk for show.

10+ iMOVIE Editing Tips & Tricks! How I Edit My Youtube Videos + Tutorials for Beginners 2016!

The Beginner's Guide to Successful Video Pre Production

Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques: Keyboard Cheat Sheets

Example answers in our video production brief template.

A simple guide to CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade

18 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers



Film Editor Infographic

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Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques: Vimeo

9 Instagram Success Tips & Tricks: Generate 700-1000 Followers Every Week

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Logic Pro is Garage Band's really successful older sibling. While Garage Band stayed at home, wearing sweats, being chill, and playing in a — you guessed it ...


Screenshot from The Four Troublesome Heads, one of the first films to feature multiple exposures.

6 of the Best Video Formats for 2019

“We've been working closely with Adobe so that we are able to deliver solutions that go beyond just storing and sharing files. That's why all of our systems ...

Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques: YouTube


video marketing statistics

Basically anything from Video Copliot is awesome.

list of best video production companies

Hackintosh 101: How to Build a 4K Editing Machine for Half the Purchase Price of a Mac

The same agency is behind the gripping trailers for films like 'X-Men Apocalypse

Film editing

Vimeo is a very accessible place to watch videos from, and my clients can even download the file if they need to. Updating the video on vimeo with a new ...

Stay in your creative flow.

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11 tips to become an iMovie master

The 3-Stage Content Editing Process For Written Content

The Importance of the Match Cut in Video Editing

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Infographic: 50 Video Editing Tips You Need for Better Videos

When people think of wedding video, oftentimes their only experience is seeing a poorly-done video by a friend or relative. Part of your challenge is to ...

Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques: Premiere Pro Logo


How to Create the Best Video Marketing Campaign… Ever


Text overlay on video

Every minute, over 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

The XPS 15 by Dell is one of the highlights of this list. Not only is it practical, but it also looks great. For easy transport, this machine can be slipped ...

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On any given day, I'll have a mish-mash of project hard drives for freelance projects.